Helping Your Kids Learn & Have Fun

Every parent has an intention to raise good, well behaved kids who enjoy life. Nothing is better than being able to see your children grow into happy and healthy men and women. Nowadays, it’s unfortunate that one thing that is becoming prominent in every child’s life is electronics – specifically devices that provide access to social media. With websites and apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram being used on a daily basis by more and more children, it’s a shame to see more and more generations being obsessed with their phones and computers. It seems like far gone are the days where having fun involved being outside, where catching up with friends didn’t mean messaging them online and where being social didn’t mean you have x amount of friends.

The ‘All About Kids’ website was created in hope to provide parents with information, tips and advice to helping their children have fun without the use of electronics. The idea is to get your kids having fun and learning as much as they can about the way of life. Ensuring that your children can have fun without mobile devices will actually dramatically decrease their chances of being bullied online (or in some cases, will stop them bullying others online).

All About Kids

How to keep your kids off their phones

As mentioned above, it’s now considered “normal” for children as young as 5 to be using mobile phones or portable devices. Encouraging your children to have fun using their phones and being on social media is not good – they will soon become dependent on their phones, and will really be missing out on their childhoods.

If you’re really struggling to take away their phones the ‘cold turkey’ way, consider giving them an allowance each day of when they can use their phones. Perhaps limit it to an hour after dinner time. You don’t want them to be on their phones right before bed as this can tend to keep them up and away.

If your child doesn’t have a phone yet, try and keep this going for as long as possible. Let them know that it’s up to you as the parent to decide when they need a phone – perhaps at the age they become quite social, as you’ll want to be able to get in touch with them when they’re out or away.

The kind of fun kids can have without phones

It’s hard to think that there was once a time where children made their own fun – without not only phones, but computers and televisions. Children can make fun for themselves whether they have any money or not. Here are a few ideas:

  • Trip to the beach
  • Cricket in the park
  • Skateboarding or rollerblading
  • Trip to the playground

There are some activities that can actually help your kids to learn and develop some life lessons and skills. For example, adopting a rescue dog – they will learn to love and care for their pet, and learn skills such as patience and dependence (from the dog training).