Big Responsibilities For Older Kids

For those parents who have older kids, who are wanting a bit more than a trip to the park or water park, have a think of how much responsibility you want to give them. Giving them some sort of responsibility can help them to learn, mature and grow as a young adult. During the school or Christmas holidays is a great time to give them some sort of responsibility, as it should keep them preoccupied for the break.

It’s important to identify how much responsibility your older child is willing to take on. Are they likely to get bored of it after the first day or so? If this is the case, it’s best not to give them anything until they are a little older and mature. If they are mature enough to take on a big responsibility, take a look below at what you can give to them.

Kids with Dog

Ideas for giving kids some responsibility

New dog – if you consider your kids to be ‘pet people’, and they seem like they are ready to take on the responsibility of looking after new pet, consider adopting a dog. There are plenty of rescue dogs in Melbourne that could do with a loving and nurturing home. They will learn all about being responsible for another life, and it will certainly take up a lot of their time. It’s important that the dog is properly trained though, so make sure they bring him or her along to a local dog training school to ensure the dog is well behaved.

Vegetable garden – if the kids are quite ready to take on the responsibility of looking after another life, consider something a bit less drastic – for example, making a vegetable garden. This task still holds a lot of responsibility, but without as much risk factor. Take a look at vegetable gardens for kids here.