Indoor Activities For Kids to Enjoy

For those cold or rainy days where you don’t fancy the kids being outside getting dirty and catching colds, you’ll want a list of indoor activities to choose from for them. There are plenty of indoor activities out there to keep the kids entertained and busy, regardless of what age they may be.

There are plenty of indoor activities that are free to do, and others that will cost money. If your kids are on school holiday, it’d be an idea to get them doing the free activities during the week and to treat them on the weekends with an activity that costs.

Indoor Activities for Kids

Indoor activity ideas

Arts and crafts – why not bring out the creativity in your kids? Whether they have a talent for drawing or painting or not, they can still have plenty of fun with arts and crafts. Get them to draw a design for their dream room, to draw a family portrait or to draw their favourite holiday location… the possibilities are endless!

Museum visits – do your kids know much about art and/or history? Take them to a museum for a day! Most museums throughout Australia offer free general admission. Print off your local museum list and get the kids to pick where they wanna go.

Plays and movies – when it comes to playing a character and making up scripts, how well do you think your kids would do? Give them a topic – such as recycling, a crime scene or the circus – and get them to create a short play for you.

Gardening project – do your kids know much about gardening? Get them to learn the basics of planting and preserving trees and plants. Take them to a local flower shop and get them to choice their favourite flowers to plant in the backyard! You might have a family member that has a green thumb that can provide their expert advice and guidance.